10 strangest football superstitions – from Terry’s urinal to Jones’ socks

Sport is often played on a knife-edge, with the difference between winning and losing down to the smallest of margins.

It’s no wonder footballers do everything they can to ensure they come out on top, from diet to training and the more outright strange efforts.

Some of the greats of the game make the pitch, proving it's certainly not taken lightly.

Here, we take you through some of the biggest names in the sport – and guide you through some of their more interesting quirks.

John Terry

Top of the list for a reason: Mr John Terry is probably the most superstitious on this list.

In fact, the former Chelsea captain admitted that he had "about 50" different quirks.

One was listening to an Usher album, whatever floats your boat, and the other was parking in the same spot.

Meanwhile, there was a clamour among all the Chelsea squad to use the "special" urinal, which is why the Blues sometimes entered the pitch late on.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Do you have any more notable examples? Let us know in the comments section.

Cristiano Ronaldo is another who believes an all-powerful being manipulates the future in accordance with his own habits.

His include being the last of the tunnel, and ensuring that he puts his right foot first on the pitch before making a jump.

He does all three he's guaranteed at least a penalty.

Danielle De Rossi

Danielle De Rossi liked to get in and amongst it during his playing days, so it’s quite fitting that one of his superstitions was to roll up his sleeve.

The notion was that he was trying to emulate that of real-life Gladiators, who sometimes had one arm armored up and the other bare.

Another theory was that he was trying to hide a tattoo.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones used to decide which socks to put on first based on whether his side played home or away.

He explained: "The fixtures list United on the left side when we're at home and on the right when we're away. So this weekend, I'll put my right sock on first, because it will be Swansea v United."

"Next week, if I play against Benfica at Old Trafford, I’ll put my left sock on."

He added: "I also don’t like stepping on white lines on the pitch. When I do cross a white line, then I’ll take the first step with the foot that corresponds to whether we’re home or away.”

Alrighty then.

Jermain Defoe

Jermain Defoe felt that getting a haircut regularly would have an impact on his fitness levels.

He's at Rangers now and still playing 38, so who can knock it?

He once said: "I have to get a short haircut before a game. I only ever seem to get injured when I have longer hair."

Don't think we've ever seen Defoe with anything above a '3' but whatever.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s had the quite normal ritual of having Coco Pops before a match.

"I tend to have just a bowl of coco pops," he once admitted.

"The normal ones, not the moons and the stars."

Thanks for the clarification, Wayne.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy likes to party – and by party, we mean drink a glass of port out of a Lucozade bottle.

Indeed, that’s the amount that it takes for the Foxes striker to find his goalscoring form in the game the next day.

The Leicester City attacker revealed the bizarre ritual during his side’s successful title-winning season in 2015-2016, while he also said that he enjoyed gulping Red Bull on match day.

Yep, does add up.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is another player who uses hokum to try and keep his fitness up to scratch.

The Welshman said that he cuts holes in his socks before entering the pitch as it means his muscles avoid compression and injury.

And it's obviously worked wonders.


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi shares a similar superstition to Ronaldo when it comes to free-kicks.

Before taking a set piece, he will put the ball down with both hands, before taking the same number of steps behind it before pulling down that famous deep breath.

He enjoys bagging a few more than his counterpart, though.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker was a prolific scorer – and what he thought helped him was changing shirts at halftime if he didn't score in the first half.

As well as this, the Match of the Day presenter refused to shoot in the prematch warm-up as to not waste his goals.

It seemed to work, to be fair.

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