‘We’ve got to be fair’: V’landys says female players will face same cuts as men

ARL Commission chair Peter V'landys has warned that female players contracted with the NRL should also brace for salary cuts as the governing body continues to review a number of cost-saving measures.

Just 20 women have elite contracts with the NRL in 2020, who are set to face the same cuts as the men if player's salaries are hit, despite earning significantly less.

The NRL is yet to make a call on whether the women’s season will be going ahead in 2020. Credit:AAP

"We're concentrating at the moment on keeping our competition going with minimal risk to the players," V'landys said. "The decisions like the women's game … they are still a priority but at the moment we're just concentrating on the day-to-day situation."

The Women's State of Origin is set down for June 19 at Sunshine Coast Stadium, before the premiership season's scheduled start in September.

V'landys also hit back at comments made by Sydney Kings star Andrew Bogut on Friday, who slammed both the NRL and AFL for playing on amid the coronavirus crisis.

"Money rules and in the battle of sickness against money, money almost always wins," Bogut said about both the codes continuing.

The Perth Wildcats were on Thursday crowned NBL champions over the Sydney Kings, 48 hours after the remainder of the grand final series was cancelled due the coronavirus outbreak.

"I think he's being a bit emotional and a bit stressed about the whole thing," V'landys said. "He doesn't have all the facts and information that we have when making these decisions."

The chairman also declared that players were free to walk away from the game whenever they liked if they did not feel safe.

"Any decision is up to the player," V'landys said. "Noone is going to be made to play, but naturally the player won't be paid either, it's like anyone else in the community you make your own decisions and we are prepared for that.

"If people don't wish to play, there's no one forcing them."

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