Sheed reflects on ‘that kick’ ahead of finals rematch with Collingwood

With a finals rematch against Collingwood locked in, Magpie tormentor Dom Sheed concedes he does get sick of talking about "that kick".

There is no confusion about which kick is being referenced. The West Coast midfielder's clinical drop punt from the boundary inside the final two minutes of the 2018 grand final against the Pies is among the most important kicks in VFL/AFL history. It is the stuff of fantasy, kicking a goal to all but win your team a premiership.

Dom Sheed kicks the winning goal in the 2018 grand final.Credit:Eddie Jim

Two years will have passed when the Eagles take on Collingwood in next week's elimination final at Optus Stadium, the clubs' first finals clash since the '18 decider.

Sheed, 25, is bracing for the moment to be mentioned a fair bit again in the lead-up to next week's match, but if it won't be the man himself initiating the topic of conversation.

"I do [get sick of it]. It'll be something that I reflect on post my career but for now I've well and truly parked that," Sheed told The Age on Tuesday.

"[The mentions of it have] slowed down a fair bit. The footy world moves very quickly. It's slowed down, I think everyone's sort of moved on from it.

I didn’t realise how many fans Collingwood actually had until a year or so ago.

"Us as a footy club, we've had a really strong history against Collingwood. We've played each other in a lot of great matches in the past. I think it's more of a footy club thing than me as an individual."

Even the mention of Sheed's name is enough to make plenty of Pies fans wince. He appreciates his effect on people.

"I didn't realise how many fans Collingwood actually had until a year or so ago. It pops up occasionally, but not too much," he said.

Conjecture has lingered about whether Magpies defender Brayden Maynard should have received a free kick for an alleged block by Eagle Willie Rioli in the lead-up to the Sheed goal. Maynard has since claimed that he probably should have received a free, meaning Sheed would not have had the telling shot on goal.

Sheed played a straight bat when asked about the issue.

"There's nothing that we can change about it now. I'm sure he's moved on, I've moved on. It's 2020 now, not 2018 so we've got to get on with it," he said.

There is much more to Sheed than one moment, of course. He has become a dependable member of the Eagles unit, and said that his sole focus was improvement.

"All I want to do as a player is continually get better, get the best out of myself. However I do that is up to me. I want to be a good, consistent player for West Coast over a long period of time," he said.

"The foundation is there. I think I can really hone in on my contest stuff a lot more. That's such a big part of a midfielder's game, the contest. If I can continue to do that and keep building that consistency, that's going to be key."

Sheed is back in Perth with his teammates, spending a week in quarantine ahead of the final. He's trying to find ways to keep busy.

"It's nice to be home but obviously we're still under strict quarantine. But it's nice to train at the footy club and be at home," he said.

"I'm pretty much just walking laps of my house at the moment.

"I've got my garden and that to look after, and I've got my cooking. I've been keeping myself sort of busy doing that. But other than that, not too much."

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