NRL’s ‘n*****’ and ‘h**’ promo disaster

What were they thinking?

In an apparent attempt to connect with younger fans, the NRL’s Gold Coast Titans have released unedited audio from an American hip hop artist featuring the type of lyrics that are familiar to the genre but not a family-friendly footy club.

The Titans on Thursday night shared a video originally published on AJ Brimson’s Instagram page where the star fullback is seen playfully dancing and messing around in front of a studio camera as rap music plays over the top of the vision.

The song has been revealed as rapper DaBaby’s track Suge where the N-word features six times.

It’s not hard to see why some fans aren’t happy when considering the track’s lyrics:


Pooh, you a fool for this one


Oh lord, Jetson made another one


Pack in the mail, it’s gone (Uh)

She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)

I just signed a deal, I’m on

Yeah, yeah

I go where I want

Good, good

Play if you want, let’s do it (Ha)

I’m a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah

The first n**** play, I’ma body a n**** (Ha)

I just checked my balance

I’ll probably pull up to your hood and come buy me a n****

You know that your ho told you that n**** crazy

Don’t think that she lied to you, n**** (b****)

Get caught with your ho when I’m poppin’ ‘em both

Now they high just like Bobby and Whitney (Ha)

The club’s bizarre decision to post the video without editing any of the explicit audio has been questioned by NRL fans on social media.

AJ Brimson is featured in the Titans hype video.Source:FOX SPORTS

The Titans posted the video on its social media channels with a link to the club’s membership drive: “AJ is ready for 2020! You should be too! Become a Member today.”

The lyrics appeared to have the opposite affect on potential club members, according to some of the responses to the video on Twitter and social media site Reddit.

AJ is ready for 2020!

You should be too! Become a Member today:

The song refers to infamous music industry icon Suge Knight, the rogue founder of the now-defunct Death Row records.

The rap mogul was jailed for more than 25 years after he was convicted of manslaughter in 2018.

One member posted a reply to the Titans on Twitter saying: “Rethink that choice of music if you want me to re-sign.”

Another fan wrote: “Yikes! Personally don’t see it as a huge deal. But it’s very questionable from a organisation social account.”

Brimson is not the only player to be busy strutting around the studio in front of the cameras this pre-season.

NRL stars from every club have been seen throwing down their moves in front of the cameras as part of Fox League’s season promo.

Some of the biggest names in the game last month visited Fox League’s studios, clowning around and popping some moves in front of the cameras.

The Titans could certainly have learned some things from Fox League’s decision to publish quirky footage of players dancing around to music that does not offend.

A J Brimson has locked down the Titans’ No. 1 jumper.Source:AAP

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