Luke Thompson to miss four games after judiciary finds Bulldog guilty of eye gouge

Luke Thompson is concerned his reputation has been damaged after he was found guilty of an eye gouge against James Tamou during Saturday's game.

The English import will sit on the sidelines for the first four games of the 2021 season after facing the judiciary panel on Tuesday night.

"I'm obviously disappointed with the outcome. It wasn't intentional to eye gouge or whatever they've accused me of," Thompson said after the decision was handed down. "I was just trying to win the tackle and take him to the ground so I'm a bit confused, I'm disappointed.

"That [the damage to my reputation] is why it's upsetting and disappointing. But it is what it is."

Luke Thompson will spend a month on the sidelines next year over the eye gouge.Credit:Nick Moir/Sydney Morning Herald

"When he gripped player Tamou, he was aware, he had to been aware….that his fingers were in contact [with his eye]."

The last eye-gouge ruling was given to Raiders rookie Hudson Young who was handed an eight-game ban for a second-time offence.

Hudson Young was given a five-week suspension for the first offence, which occurred earlier in the season.

Thompson's lawyer Nick Ghabar said in his submissions that the replay showed Thompson's hand was "cupped" when making contact with Tamou's face, and that the movement could not be defined as intentional as there was no "prying" or "moving".

"There was no grabbing, there was no poking, there was no raking," he said.

Once the guilty verdict was handed down, Ghabar said there was "no damage" to Tamou and argued the penalities should be minor due to the incident being a "low grade" offence.

He also argued Thompson's judiciary record was relatively clean.

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