Live: David Mackay faces AFL tribunal for collision with Hunter Clark

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The incident has divided the AFL world

“I’ve got a pretty simple view. If a ball is being contested in the game, the question is asked, ‘Is the player’s priority focus to contest and win the footy?’ If, on the balance of probabilities, that’s yes, well play on,” Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge said on Thursday.

“You’d have to say David Mackay was doing that. His sole focus was the ball and he went 100 miles an hour, there’s no doubt about that.

“Do we feel for Hunter Clark? Absolutely. But we are always going to have casualties in our game. We can protect the head as much as we like, but the game is a 360 degree collision game. We will have casualties, we have to accept that. It’s not nice, but it’s going to happen.”

What’s at stake

Whatever thoughts occupied Adelaide’s David Mackay in the moment before he collided with Hunter Clark, shattering the Saint’s jaw, he cannot have imagined, even as Clark went down, that this incident would render him a guinea pig in the AFL’s drive to make the game safer.

Let’s be clear what’s at stake at the AFL tribunal on Thursday night, and it is not simply whether Mackay is suspended for the next few matches.

More here from Jake Niall.


Hi everyone and welcome to our live coverage of tonight’s landmark tribunal case in which Adelaide’s David Mackay will defend a rough conduct charge for an incident which left St Kilda’s Hunter Clark with a broken jaw.

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