‘I swear it was photo-shopped’: Josh Hodgson on THAT biceps photo

Even Josh Hodgson’s wife found it impossible not to comment on that photo.

Social media went into meltdown last week when Parramatta and then the NRL posted a picture of Hodgson with bulging biceps at Eels training.

This photo of Josh Hodgson and his chiselled physique has gone viral.Credit:Parramatta Eels

It even made headlines back in Hodgson’s northern England hometown of Hull.

Hodgson was quick to set the record straight about his arms, and how teammate Ryan Matterson still had the best physique at the club.

“I swear they must have photo-shopped my arms because they do not look like that,” Hodgson told the Herald.

“I said the same thing to my missus [Kirby]. I said to her, ‘I bet you wish that is the fella who comes home to you every night’. It was probably the best camera angle they could have got.

“‘Matto’ is a special for getting the rig out at the end of the session when the cameras start rolling. He’s a good lad and has nothing to worry about.”

The jury is out on Parramatta going one better this year, especially after the departures of Isaiah Papali’i, Marata Niukore and Reed Mahoney.

But Hodgson, even at 33, remains one of the best hookers in the game and provided he can mesh with Dylan Brown, Clint Gutherson and Mitchell Moses, the Eels will hang around deep into September again.

“Dylan hasn’t been back as long as the other two because of his World Cup commitments, but I’ve been impressed by all three, as well as Jake Arthur,” Hodgson said.

“Every ball they are on the play.

“My job is easy because they organise everything. I know what play they want and when they want it.

“What has really impressed me is how hard they all work away from the field as well and their attention to detail.”

Hodgson said Parramatta coach Brad Arthur was honest and demanded excellence.

“He’s very black and white, and if you do something he doesn’t like, be it defensively or in attack, he’ll tell you straight away,” Hodgson said.

The former Raider will feature in Parramatta’s first trial against PenrithCredit:Getty

“You can tell why he’s been at the club so long because he doesn’t give up on making sure you’re good at the basics of the game – he wants you to nail the one-per-centers.”

Hodgson knows his age and return from a third knee reconstruction will have plenty of people wondering why he has not retired. He revealed he had played with a partial tear in his anterior cruciate ligament before he ruptured his knee in the opening round of last year.

Hodgson praised Canberra conditioners Blake Duncan and Jeremy Hickmans for helping him through his rehabilitation and knows the blue and gold faithful have nothing to worry about in terms of his health.

The plan will be to feature in the first trial against Penrith, then the main blow-out against Newcastle.

“There have been no issues with the knee I’ve done all the big days and there’s been no need to de-load or monitor my work,” Hodgson said.

“I’m not stupid, I know what the majority of people will think about me being too old and coming back from three ACLs.

“If I didn’t know me and how hard I worked, I’d think the same thing.

“But I know how hard I work, I know what’s required to be successful, I’ve ticked every box I can, and I’ll continue to do that.”

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