‘I didn’t even know I hurt my knee’: Mbye injury a blow for Tigers

Moses Mbye will miss the first round of the season and could be out for up to a month after tearing his medial ligament in the Tigers' final trial of the season.

Mbye was sporting a heavy knee brace at Concord Oval on Thursday morning, where he revealed the full extent of the injury suffered against the Warriors.

Mbye could miss up to a month after suffering a knee injury.Credit:NRL Photos

"Obviously I have a medial tear and it looks like two to four weeks on the sideline for me," Mbye said.

"The brace is quite restrictive, actually – it's making it look worse than it is – but that's all part of the recovery to keep the joint isolated and not overstretch it."

In Mbye's eyes, missing the first few rounds of the season is a "good outcome".

While he didn't know he had suffered the knee injury at first – he had also suffered a concussion – Mbye was initially fearful the injury may have been serious.

"But, yeah, it was a good outcome considering what it could have been," he said.

"I had a head knock. I didn't even know I had hurt my knee until I sat down on the sideline. It was sore so I was talking to the doc and he thought I was just… I had a concussion so he wasn't sure.

"Then we figured out I had a medial tear. It was strange."

Mbye would also rather a knee injury now rather than later in the season, when the Tigers hope to make an impression in the finals for the first time since 2011.

"It depends on how you look at it. You can kick stones about it but you'd be naive to think you'll never get injured in an NRL season," Mbye said.

"You're probably better off getting it out of the way in the preseason. It's a long year and you would rather play the back end of the season – which is where we plan on going – than the start of the year anyway.

"Two to four weeks on the sideline – I'm not throwing my toys out of the cot for that."

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