Supercars, support races likely to be cancelled if F1 GP is called off

Supercars and other support races would be unlikely to take place at Albert Park if government action around the coronavirus outbreak forces the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix.

A spokesperson for Supercars said they while they would be ready to race if required, the situation was entirely out of their hands and it would be highly unlikely that they or other categories would race.

The Supercars round would likely be postponed if the Formula One grand Prix is called off due to the coronavirus outbreak.Credit:Getty Images

Grand prix organisers are hanging on a decision to be taken in Canberra on Thursday that will determine the fate of the grand prix this year as the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the world, forcing the cancellation or restriction of crowds for major events.

The Supercar races at Albert Park are run for championship points, so if the entire event was axed organisers would need to stage them later in the season.

There is space in the Supercars calendar, but no guarantee that a make-up round would be raced in Victoria.

"If that happens, and we hope it doesn't, we will need to look for another date in the calendar to build on," the spokesperson said.

In Italy, one of the worst hit countries – and the base of Formula One's most famous team, Ferrari – soccer organisers have decreed that Serie A games will be played behind closed doors.

If a travel ban is introduced for Italy and South Korea, as has been speculated, then Ferrari would be unable to compete at Albert Park.

"We are working closely with the GP organisers and talking with them about the situation. At this stage our races are planned to go ahead," a Supercars spokesperson said on Thursday morning.

"As long as the event is running then we will be there to race. I can't speculate as to what they will do, but we are trying to be as flexible as we can and adapt to the circumstances. We will take guidance from the appropriate authorities."

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