Norris on Captain Tom Moore heroics, inspiring NHS fundraising and F1’s future

Formula One jetsetter Lando Norris is the envy of youngsters worldwide but admits he was left in awe of Captain Tom.

As Britain's rising motor racing star, Norris, 20, travels the world competing against the best drivers on the planet.

But the McLaren protege was happy to take a back seat this week after meeting Second World War veteran Captain Tom Moore.

He has raised more than £28million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday on April 30.

Norris himself is contributing to the cause by taking part in the NHS Charities Cup, an online celebrity FIFA tournament which aims to raise at least £10m.

And he jumped at the chance to speak to Captain Tom via a video call to invite the national hero to McLaren's HQ.

"That was cool; a few years ago I would never have had an opportunity to speak to people like that," Norris told Mirror Sport .

"He's raised over £28m, it just keeps going up, it's stupidly insane. It's so cool to see someone do something for so many people.

"The fact I got to speak to him and he's a McLaren fan made it even cooler. We are going to try and get him down to McLaren HQ for a little tour once things are back to normal.

"I'm fortunate to be in the position to speak to people like that and it's a little bonus to be in the place I am.

"It shows that if he can do 100 laps of his garden at 99 years old, almost 100 which just makes it even cooler – it's not just inspired me but inspired so many people around the UK and the world."

Norris is leading a new generation of sporting stars doing their bit for charity via social media.

He boasts a whopping 1.4m Instagram followers and uses his platform to raise money for good causes.

"I don't have power but I have more possibilities than a lot of others to put myself in a good position," he admitted.

"I've got a better opportunity than a lot of other people, I'm lucky because of that and in the situation I am. It's trying to make the most of that and do what I can."

Norris should be preparing for next week's Dutch Grand Prix but is in limbo after the season was decimated by the pandemic.

Among the potential plans to salvage the campaign is to host two behind-closed-doors races at Silverstone – the home of the British Grand Prix.

And Norris added: "Silverstone is one of my favourite tracks and not just because it's my home race.

"If it is behind closed doors it will be weird there not being anyone in the grandstands or any noise."

The youngster also urged F1 bosses to make the right call regarding the sport's return to action.

He added: "I've got very little idea when we will return. There's not a lot I can do and it's not up to me.

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