McLaren division fined after engineer fell to death during inspection

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A division of F1 giants McLaren has been fined £650,000 over the death of an engineer at a warehouse in 2016. David Oldham, 55, fell to his death while inspecting McLaren’s F1 Brand Centre, a temporary mobile building that is taken to Grand Prix races.

Mr Oldham, a father-of-five, was a senior engineer with McLaren and fell from a height at the warehouse in Maidenhead, Berkshire, in October 2016. McLaren Services were found guilty of two health and safety charges over his death last month, while his employer Zurich Management Services were cleared of any safety offences.

McLaren, who were found to have updated their health and safety policy two months after the incident, were fined £650,000 and asked to pay £110,132 in costs

Oldham’s wife Patricia appeared in court via video link and admitted: “I miss my husband so much. The pain breaks my heart. Every night I say goodnight to David and every morning I expect to have him still beside me.

“I am especially lonely and I feel like a burden to all my family. My darling husband’s life was taken away from him. This is a tragedy for my husband, he lost his life, he lost his retirement, he lost the chance to see his grandchildren grow up and get married.”

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“It’s the number one reason why people like David didn’t get home from work. Those responsible to ensure his health and safety failed to do so.”

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