Max Verstappen told how he could have avoided Lewis Hamilton crash by Juan Pablo Montoya

Hamilton takes stunning win after crash with Max Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton crashed with Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix leaving the Red Bull driver in the barriers. The Mercedes man received a 10-second time penalty but was able to reel in Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and pick up a victory nonetheless.

Former McLaren and Williams driver Juan Pablo Montoya has now given his take on the incident.

The outspoken star believes both could have done more but lays the blame on Verstappen more than his title rival.

Hamilton’s win reduced the deficit to Verstappen to just eight points halfway through the season.

“For me, personally I think it was more of a racing incident,” Montoya said while appearing on Motorsport TV’s This Week with Will Buxton.

“Lewis missed the apex a little bit I think, more than missing the apex I think when he lifted and wanted to turn, he tried to turn pretty fast and the car understeered and went wide.

“I don’t think Max gave him enough room.

“Max turned pretty sharp, corrected out and went back in, he tried to give him room for someone that was going to get out of the way and not someone who wanted to stay there.

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“Max is an aggressive guy, and what you normally see is Max attacking and the Mercedes being the quicker car, and this time around everything is going the other way.

“Everything is backwards now, Max has got the faster car, and Lewis it’s great to see him back being aggressive, back going at it and taking chances.

“Did he try, yes? Was he there? Absolutely. If you look at the camera angle Lewis led them into the corner, he was 100 percent next to him.

“You are always going to argue ‘oh but when they touch’, but when they touched Lewis tried to back out of it because Max never did, and I think if Max would have given him a little more room, he would still have come out ahead of him.

“I think if Lewis would have stayed flat a little longer, I think Max would have had to bail out, and Max was committed, he knew whoever came out of Copse first was going to win that race.”

F1 returns with the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday, August 1.

Hamilton and Mercedes will look to leapfrog Red Bull as they want to end the current era in the sport maintaining their dominance.

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