Lewis Hamilton’s F1 title fight vs Max Verstappen likened to Squid Game

Lewis Hamilton's 'natural ability is fantastic' says Button

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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s titanic title tussle has been likened to Netflix’s Squid Game by Christian Horner. The Briton and the Dutchman will do battle one last time this season, in a bid to be crowned world champion.

The pair are level on points heading into Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after the Mercedes driver took the chequered flag in each of the last three races.

For the first time since 1974, two drivers will enter the last race of a season neck-and-neck.

Should Hamilton triumph, he will become the first man to win eight world titles, while Verstappen will win his maiden championship and become the first Dutchman to achieve the feat.

The drivers have gone back and forth throughout this enthralling season, and their sheer passion and determination to win has seen them collide on the track on several occasions.

Their battle has been so intense, it has been compared to the hit life-or-death Netflix show by Red Bull’s team principal.

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In Squid Game, competitors play a series of games and try to survive, with the last person standing winning a huge cash prize.

“It almost feels like Squid Game that we have ended up here on equal points.” Horner said at the pre-race press conference.

“It has been tense, frustrating on occasions, we have pushed the limits, pushed each other and pushed our competitors and here we are at the final race for the showdown.

“I think that the way we have fought the way we have pushed in this campaign, no-one has come close to challenging this team in the last eight years and here we are in the final race in with a shot, a long shot in the constructors and a equal shot with drivers.”

Also at the press conference was Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who has exchanged several barbs across the campaign with Horner, and he added a message of his own.


“Good luck. May the best man and the best team win,” Wolff said.

“It is exciting, both teams have had their fair share of luck and bad luck and from where we sit it is that team and driver are both married to win.

“The journey so far has been very happy at at times, exuberant and very frustrating in different moments and to find each other here competing on equal points, it is good for spectators but also for us.

“It has pushed us to new limits, they (Red Bull) have done a formidable job this year and that is why it is all-in for this Sunday, whoever wins, deserves to win.”

Verstappen is very confident ahead of the season’s final race and made a bold statement aimed at his loyal Dutch fans.


He declared: “[Dutch fans] should switch on the TV on Sunday because something nice is going to happen… I’m going to win.”

Hamilton on the other hand, admitted a record eighth F1 world title would be his most satisfying one yet.

He explained: “If we seal the deal, I think as a team this will be the greatest one that we’ve earned.”

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