Lewis Hamilton details phone call with Max Verstappen after controversial crash

Lewis Hamilton has shared details of a phone call he had with Max Verstappen following their crash at the British Grand Prix in July.

The title rivals collided at Copse Corner on the opening lap of the race, which resulted in the Red Bull driver hurtling into the barriers.

Hamilton went on to win the race while Verstappen, 23, and Red Bull chief Christian Horner slammed him once it concluded.

The 36-year-old recalled his chat with the Dutchman and felt it was important to clear the air following the incident.

He told ESPN : “I called him after Silverstone, but, again, I don't mean to be patronising, but I am much older.

“I'm much older and it was important for me to call and to be able to break the ice.

“I feel he's a tremendous talent and I am enjoying racing with him. Do I agree with everything he does? It doesn't even matter.

“What matters is that he does him and he will learn, and all I can control is what I do and how I handle things.”

However, it wouldn’t take long before the pair had another coming together on the track.

At last month’s Italian GP, the pair crashed out on the same corner after colliding into each other in a bizarre incident.

Hamilton had just left the pit lane and re-entered the track but Verstappen came up on his left hand side before trying to squeeze his rival out on the next bend.

Verstappen's car then looked unsteady as it bobbled over the curb on the bend, before the wheels of his Red Bull came together with that of Hamilton's Mercedes.

The clash forced Verstappen's car up into the air as both vehicles skidded off the track, with the Red Bull eventually resting on the nose of Hamilton's Mercedes and forcing both drivers out of the race.

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The seven-time F1 champion also conceded that he has to be careful in 'certain scenarios' with his rival to avoid future accidents.

“I've had to back out of certain scenarios with Max because otherwise we are going to crash, and I'm just like, 'I'll beat him in another way,''' he added.

“I think, 'If I can just survive this corner, I will challenge and fight him another way, stay close, use strategy and all these different things.”

Hamilton takes a slender two-point lead over Verstappen into this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park.

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