Lando Norris slammed by F1 fans for Lewis Hamilton incident under investigation

Lando Norris has been slammed by Formula One fans for his role in an incident which saw Lewis Hamilton investigated by stewards.

Hamilton is facing investigation at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix for going too slowly against a target time during qualifying. McLaren’s Norris appeared to be held up behind the Mercedes star on the Baku circuit, with Norris being told Hamilton would get into “trouble” for slowing down on his team radio.

The McLaren race engineer could be heard saying at the end of Q2: "Don't let him [Hamilton] play silly s***. He's got to keep an eye on his delta, if he doesn't he'll be in trouble. He's the lead car, he'll get in trouble."

Hamilton continued to drive at a slow pace, though it appeared there was enough room for the younger Brit to pass. Yet Norris refused to take the opportunity – and fans have now taken to social media to criticise him for his role in potentially landing Hamilton a penalty ahead of the race on Sunday.

One fan questioned the McLaren driver by saying: “Why didn’t Norris just overtake Hamilton?

A second commented: “Norris could have gone past Hamilton but everyone wants the slipstream.”

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Another wrote: “That Hamilton-Norris incident was simply a tow game. Neither wanted to give the other a tow. There was no impeding.”

Hamilton went on to finish P8 in qualifying while Norris finished P11. However, the seven-time world champion remained unfazed about the prospect of being bumped further down the grid on race-day.

He explained: "I don't really have a concern. Firstly I was off-line and you have to be within a delta time and I was within my delta time.

"I was trying to get a tow because we're so slow in the straight lines. The guys behind didn't want to go by so I just went off and did my lap."

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