Lando Norris has sent message to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen about 2022 F1 season

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Lando Norris thinks Formula One world title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen must change their driving styles in 2022 – because every driver on the grid will have to. Next season brings big changes to F1, which Norris expects to impact all 20 drivers on the grid significantly.

In 2022, F1 will introduce new cars with an entirely revamped aerodynamic structure.

It will encourage more exciting racing by allowing drivers to follow each other closer, hopefully leading to more overtaking.

Norris, voted as the third-best driver in 2021 by other F1 drivers, impressed in McLaren’s MCL35M design in 2021.

And he recently addressed the incoming changes that will undoubtedly affect the way he drives.

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And Norris suggests all 20 drivers, regardless of their status, will have to learn to adapt their driving style as a result.

He said: “Everyone is going to have to adapt because it’s so different.

“No one’s driving style today is probably going to be one that you can just jump into next year and do exactly the same. It will have to change a little bit.”

The 22-year-old holds concerns over the length of time it will take him to become accustomed to his new car.

“Definitely [I have worries about how long it could take to adjust],” Norris explained.

“Of course, a lot of things that allow you to be comfortable are more like the internal sides of it.

“Some of it, of course, like if you need confidence in braking, it doesn’t always mean that the car’s not good on the braking.

“It can be the brake pedal that you have and your feeling with the brake pedal. Is it too soft, is it too stiff? Do you feel like it’s… you know when you’re about to lock up and things like that?

“With a lot of it, the car and how it’s all built is going to be the same, but in case the car is going to be so different, that, we have no idea how it’s going to be.”

But Norris believes he’ll be in the same boat as the likes of Hamilton and Verstappen, who are all jumping into unknown territory next season.

He added: “I don’t know if I’ll be really good with it or I’ll struggle a little bit with it. I think it’s going to be the same case for everyone.

“Yes, of course, there’s some… I don’t know the word for it – like, not nervous or anything, but some question marks like, how are you going to have to drive?

“Is it going to be a driving style that suits me? Like, one that I’m not sure with, or one that I’m going to have to adapt to and… curiosity, that’s the word I want.”

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