Ferrari have already solved issue that Mercedes’ George Russell branded ‘safety concern’

George Russell joins Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

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Ferrari claim they’ve already solved one of the major issues that plagued F1 teams during pre-season testing at Barcelona this week. With all cars having to be adapt this season to fall into line with new technical regulations, there was increased scrutiny on how the three days in Spain panned out ahead of the opening race in Bahrain on March 20.

A number of drivers were left complaining of car porpoising, which relates to F1 cars essentially bouncing on the track when heading in a straight line, and new Mercedes driver George Russell sent out a warning over the issue.

Grand Prix Drivers Association director Russell argued the problem had to be addressed, despite the Silver Arrows being less effected than most.

He told reporters: “It’s not very pleasant at all and from what I’ve seen from other teams in particular it would be a safety concern.

“That does need to be sorted one way or another. But there’s a lot of intelligent people up and down this grid and I’m sure everybody will get on top of it sooner than later.”

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Over the first two days, Ferrari appeared to be one of the teams struggling to get to the grips with the problem, only for team boss Mattia Binnoto to confidently claim on Friday that things had been addressed.

“It was an issue but it’s not anymore,” he was quoted as saying by pitpass.

“Somehow we are managing the situation. If we’re looking at this on Thursday afternoon and earlier on Friday, I think we are bouncing a lot less.”

Indeed, the Scuderia appeared to be one of the big winners from the first round of testing, completing more laps than any other team while Charles Leclerc notched the second fastest lap of the week behind Lewis Hamilton.

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Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz has also been positive about the team’s work ahead of the new campaign, stating his intention to challenge Hamilton and reigning world champion Max Verstappen.

And although Binotto declared himself content at the progress made, he also warned it was too early to get carried away with things.

“We are happy, first because I think we have done a lot of laps, we have learned from the car, collecting data,” he continued.

“But if you look at the performance of the lap time it is too early days. We are not running all in the same conditions, and I am expecting other cars to be very fast.

“More for us was to be consistent running, and really try to collect as much data as we could. There are still a lot of issues to address or potential to extract.”

The Grand Prix in Bahrain will kick-start a record-breaking campaign with 23 races scheduled.

However, FIA bosses are currently seeking a replacement for the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, which was removed from the schedule this week in protest over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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