F1 LIVE: Hamilton ‘to ditch Mercedes’, Wolff rejects Hill comments

Audi announces they are joining Formula 1

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The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix gets under a week away, and tempers are already starting to flare in the world of F1. Red Bull laid down a marker in Bahrain, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez filling the top two spots on the podium.

Though there is equally as much action off of the track at the moment, with key figures sharing their opinions on significant matters at a time when tempers are already likely to fray. Former British champion Damon Hill is the latest to cause a stir, with the 62-year-old claiming that Mercedes will not be able to continue developing new ideas due to their financing regulations.

Toto Wolff attempted to bat away such claims, with the Austrian explaining that his team are not ‘constrained’ by budget caps and that Mercedes are left with no choice but to continue attempting to progress if they are to close the gap between themselves and Red Bull.

Elsewhere, Sky Sports’ Simon Lazenby has claimed that Lewis Hamilton would be willing to leave Mercedes in a bid to win his eighth world title. Express Sport brings you all the latest as that story develops…


  • Toto Wolff hits back at Damon Hill07:56
  • Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari ‘can’t be ruled out’07:52
  • Jenson Button set to join NASCAR

    Jenson Button has confirmed that he will be joining NASCAR for their three-race run later this season. The former F1 star will partner Stewart Haas Racing for the events in a significant 2023 project.

    Kimi Raikkonen confirmed that he will be involved in the events earlier this week, prompting Button to say: “Two F1 world champions in a NASCAR race. Who would have ever predicted that? A lot of people think I’m crazy for doing this because it’s so different, but that’s why I love the challenge of it.

    “For me, it’s not about how quick the car is, it’s about how close the racing can be. In the Cup Series, the racing is awesome. It’s definitely going to be a shock to the system, but a toe in the water, so to speak, and hopefully help me be more competitive the next time I do it.”

    Toto Wolff hits back at Damon Hill

    Toto Wolff believes that his Mercedes team has no choice but to continue developing their car if they are to compete with Red Bull.

    Former champion driver Damon Hill had revealed that he had concerns about how the Austrian’s team were operating and felt that they may struggle further down the line due to the £102million cap limit.

    Though Wolff has hit back at those claims, saying: “We’re not going to develop two cars side-by-side, but we’re going to develop one car and we will decide that in the next days and weeks which car that will be.

    “It’s extremely difficult to catch such an advantage [to Red Bull], but it’s what we need to do. We have no choice.

    “I’m not sure the budget cap really gives you constraints in the position where we are because we just need to decide which direction we’re going and put all the resources behind it. I don’t think we’re constrained by the budget cap.”

    Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari ‘can’t be ruled out’

    Sky Sports presenter Simon Lazenby has claimed that he believes Lewis Hamilton would be willing to leave Mercedes to join Ferrari, with his desire to continue winning championships the key catalyst in the change.

    He told the Sky Sports F1 Podcast: “Not to Aston, but how can you rule out a move to Ferrari if [Mercedes] stay like this. He’s so desperate for that eighth, that if Ferrari did manage to stay on the coattails and they were the nearest to Red Bull.

    “He’s not put his pen to paper yet on his contract. He’s definitely waiting to see how this year’s car felt. I think the great relationship with the team and Toto will endure but I don’t think you can ever rule out a move to Ferrari for racing drivers because it’s their dream and he’s said it before.”

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