F1 LIVE as FIA move onto next investigation with Red Bull found guilty

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The FIA finally published their auditing findings into F1 teams’ spending cap for last year with Red Bull being found in a ‘minor breach’ of the £114million budget. It was far below the speculated £10m Red Bull were originally reported to have overspent by.

The discrepancy was no more than £1.8m, meaning it was deemed a ‘minor’ breach instead of a ‘material’ one due to it being less than five per cent of the cap. No other team was named as having over-spent, but both Aston Martin and Williams were called up on small discrepancies.

Now the focus will be on what Red Bull’s punishment will be, but they will be saved from a ‘mandatory Constructors’ Championship points deductions’ having not gone over budget by more than five per cent. The FIA statement was vague in what punishments Red Bull could face for the ‘minor breach’.

It read: “Minor Overspend Breach (<5 per cent Cost Cap) can result in Financial Penalties and/or Minor Sporting Penalties.” Express Sport will provide updates throughout the day as they come in. Stay tuned below.

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There’s set to be plenty of fall out from yesterday’s statement from the FIA where Red Bull were deemed to have made a ‘minor breach’ of last year’s budget cap.

What that punishment will be is still unclear after a vague statement from the FIA.

But they’re also set for a busy week as they begin their investigation into what happened at the Japanese Grand Prix where Pierre Gasly narrowly missed a crane while driving at 200km/h on an extremely wet track.

Stay tuned for the latest throughout the day.

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