English town dubbed ‘Poundland Monaco’ for exact replica of iconic F1 hairpin

An English town has been branded a 'Poundland Monaco' after an F1 fan pointed out the remarkable similarities between one of its roundabouts and the iconic hairpin turn at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After a video went viral of a Citroen Ami rolling over and crashing while driving around the turn a fan shared a snap of a similar turn in Maidenhead, writing: "We have the same corner in Maidenhead as that one in Monaco".

And F1 fans were amazed by the similarities between the two snaps of the hairpin turn at Monaco and the roundabout in Maidenhead, with one writing: "Who knew that Monaco and Maidenhead were interchangeable? What an utterly brilliant find".

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"Look that's actually hilarious," added another. "Probably the most iconic corner on the whole racing calendar and it's basically a carbon copy."

While a third joked: "Maidenhead, the Poundland Monaco". Others, however, suggested Maidenhead should host a Grand Prix.

"@fia when will the Maidenhead GP be on calendar?" asked one. While another joked: "AND IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO FOR THE MAIDENHEAD GRAND PRIX."

However, a local resident played down the similarities in a post on Reddit, pointing out that the photo used is an old one and that bollards have now been added to prevent cars from speeding round the roundabout.

"I hate to break it to you all but as a resident of Maidenhead (sadly not Monaco) the picture is misleading," the post read. "The road to the right is now a single lane filter road with bollards all over the shop which means you almost always have to stop.

"And just out of sight on the left is a junction, so this isn't even a turn really. On the bright side just up to the right beyond those houses, toward portier if you will, is the worlds best Italian shop!"


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