Charles Leclerc insists he won't hold back

‘On a year like this you need to go all out’: Charles Leclerc insists he won’t hold back in Monaco Grand Prix qualifying despite recent F1 crashes

  • Charles Leclerc is hoping to secure a third straight pole at the Monaco GP
  • The Ferrari driver was involved in two incidents last time out in Miami
  • He says his only chance of a starting front of the grid is to push the limits

Charles Leclerc says he must go ‘all out’ if he is to take pole for a third time in a row on home soil in qualifying on Saturday.

The Ferrari driver had a difficult time in qualifying last time out in Miami, spinning in practice before crashing in Q3the next day.

However, he had taken a brilliant pole before that in Baku and insists his approach will not change because of one tough weekend.

‘You go from one weekend in Baku where everybody says you are a hero for putting it on a pole, to a zero because you put it into the wall,’ Leclerc told Sky Sports F1.

‘I am always very honest with myself and I’m not scared of admitting when I’m going too far.

Charles Leclerc insists he cannot hold back if he is too claim a third straight pole in Monaco

‘I’ve obviously analysed my performance in qualifying, I think this is my strong point. Then sometimes I might go over the limit, but it’s also what makes me very fast on a Saturday.

‘You can pull back, but honestly, I know that on a year like this, to actually get on pole you need to go all out.’

He says ‘taking more risk sometimes gives more rewards’ on a street track, which is why he is still keen to attack.

‘Am I going to take the mentality of saying, ‘ok, let’s go two tenths slower, let’s do fourth on the grid every race?’,’ Leclerc added.

The Ferrari driver crashed during qualifying last time out at the Miami Grand prix

‘Honestly, again, I think we are going to conclusions very quickly with the last weekend, that has been a very poor one and there’s nothing to hide again from my side.

‘Apart from that Saturday, I think there are very few Saturdays where I have been off the pace and when I’ve done mistakes when it comes to doing the actual lap in Q3, so I’m not too concerned about this.’

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