Watch Mike Trout hit a gosh darn golf ball to Pluto, because why not?

Spring training is only a few weeks old, but Mike Trout’s swing is in midseason form.

Well, one of his swings, at least.

On Sunday, the Angels’ Twitter handle posted a video of the outfielder absolutely demolishing a golf ball at what appears to be a Top Golf location. Trout smashed the ball and watched it sail deep into the night, like it was just any routine, lame-ass baseball on a May home run swing.

Of course, the baseball world is always dazzled and encapsulated by the Feats of Trout. Here’s a little taste of what the Twitter machine, hungrier than ever for Trout content, thought of the drive:

Really, there’s apparently nothing the outfielder can’t do in life. He’s the best player in baseball — on an arc to be one of the greatest players, if not the greatest of all time — who makes mundane things seem absurd and vice versa. So here’s a short list of things we’d love to see Trout do next:

Well, if nothing else, Trout would give Happy Gilmore a run for his money. After all, he accomplished this feat no more than an hour ago. 

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