Tony Romo’s reported record salary with CBS rivals what top NFL QBs are getting

Tony Romo’s second contract as a NFL TV analyst looks like something a middling NFL quarterback could command.

Romo is due to make $17 million per season in a record-setting new deal with CBS, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported Friday night.

The former Cowboys QB was poised to become a prized television free agent in the spring (ESPN, which has “Monday Night Football,” was rumored to be suitor), but CBS did what a lot of NFL teams do: extend to keep their stars. Romo is very much a star after three seasons as the network’s top game analyst working alongside Jim Nantz.

To put Romo’s reported new deal into context: The $17 million would put him 17th among the league’s current quarterbacks in terms of salary cap value for 2020, between Andy Dalton and Drew Brees, according to 

Of course, Romo’s money is fully guaranteed and not subject to creative cap accounting.

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