Ravens close to trading fifth-round pick Shaun Wade to Patriots

Shaun Wade’s tumultuous football journey has met another turn.

The Ravens are close on a trade involving the fifth-round pick that would send him to the Patriots, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

Wade was once seen as a likely first-round pick following a stellar 2019 season at Ohio State, but returned to Columbus for another run at a national title in 2020. His decision proved to cost him plenty of money, as Wade struggled throughout the shortened campaign, losing the luster that once made scouts eager to select him in the next draft.

Wade went from a first-round prospect to a Day Three pick of the Ravens, a selection that appeared savvy at the time, as Wade wouldn’t be relied upon to play significant snaps and could transition to the NFL game while given ample time to improve. Instead, that time has apparently been drastically shortened, with Baltimore looking to move Wade elsewhere to collect a return on its low-level investment.

New England has been known to take prospects who haven’t fit with the teams that selected them, and Wade would be no different. Once an excellent defender in coverage, Wade’s struggles in his most recent college action indicate a player who needs technique work and proper tutelage to reach his potential, which had been considered to be rather high not too long ago.

Sensing a chance to potentially capitalize, the Patriots appear ready to try to help Wade become an effective NFL corner. We’ll see if they can close the deal with Baltimore.

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