NFL team asks prospect whether he’d wash veteran player’s car on weekly basis: ‘Hell no’

Weird questions asked at the NFL scouting combine by teams in an effort to gain added insight into prospects is nothing novel. 

But this question-answer combo may set the new standard. 

Trevon Hill, a defensive end who played at Virginia Tech before a graduate transfer season at Miami (Florida), told reporters Thursday the weirdest question a team asked him during his interview process was whether he'd wash a veteran player's car on a weekly basis throughout his rookie season. 

"Hell no," Hill said he answered. 

Playful rookie hazing is hardly uncommon among NFL teams. Don't expect Hill to grab a bucket and sponge, though. 

Trevon Hill says the oddest question he’s gotten so far is “if one of the vets asked you to wash his car every Wednesday would you do it?”
His response, “hell no!”

Hill played the first four seasons of his career with the Hokies prior to being dismissed for arguing with a coach during an September 201 loss. In his final season of eligibility of the Hurricanes, Hill racked up 4.5 sacks.

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