NFL star Lewis Cine receives oxygen after horror injury

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Minnesota Vikings star Lewis Cine was stretchered off while receiving oxygen in worrying scenes at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday. Cine was treated to for some time while on the field before being taken off.

Cine, a first-round pick for the Vikings, was holding his lower leg when he went down, and it was immediately obvious he’d suffered a nasty injury.

The safety was returning a punt from Wil Lutz, and appeared to get caught up with two other players while returning the ball.

Such was the gruesome nature of the injury, NFL Network opted against showing any replays of the incident, instead showing a broader image of the field.

While Cine was being treated, players from both the Saints and Vikings knelt down as a sign of respect, as a mass huddle formed around the injured 22-year-old.

After a few minutes of treatment, Cine was carried to the injury cart and placed on the back while receiving oxygen. His leg was strapped up in a cast immediately, as he was quickly removed from the field for further treatment.

Cine was immediately transported to a local hospital for further treatment, it was announced shortly afterwards. While no replays were shown, a clip of the incident spreading on social media showed the magnitude of the injury.

The safety was seen trying to tackle Zach Wood, but his left foot became lodged in the turf. His body appeared to turn the opposite direction, however. The Vikings will likely provide an update later on Sunday.

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