Maybe Lamar Jackson’s ‘Madden 21’ cover will inspire EA to fix inaccurate QB runs

Ravens quarterback and reigning MVP Lamar Jackson announced on Tuesday that he would be on the cover of “Madden 21” — a move that will hopefully lead EA Sports to address a nagging weakness in its annual football video game franchise.

For years, “Madden” passers have moved like they’re stuck in mud when scrambling behind the line of scrimmage while still surveying the field for aerial options. Once they pass the line, they accelerate at an unrealistic rate as if the scrimmage marker was a power booster. Plus, quarterback fumbling seems to happen almost every time a user doesn’t slide.

Jackson has been somewhat of an exception to the above complaints this past year; his in-game traits boosted him to be elusive everywhere on the field. But even he probably fumbles too much.

NFL players commented on that issue after learning Jackson would be the cover athlete.

Does every quarterback need to be mobile? Of course not. But Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott should be able to move around much better and not fumble every time they don’t slide.

Perhaps having Jackson on the cover of this year’s game will prompt an increased focus on that aspect of development.

Jackson said he isn’t concerned about the shaky track record of athletes adorning “Madden.” After all, another quarterback did just fine after receiving the honor for “Madden 20.”

“I’m not worried about a curse,” Jackson said. “Patrick Mahomes was on the front and he won MVP.”

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