Janet Jackson nip slip caused sporting world to implement same TV rule

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When Rihanna takes the stage on Sunday night for her highly-anticipated Super Bowl half-time performance, it will not be broadcast to us live from Glendale, Arizona – stemming from that infamous 2004 moment. In the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake took to the stage – the latter being a surprise guest which the American singer had brought out.

When Timberlake performed his recently released hit ‘Rock Ya Body’, he was just seconds away from finishing the song as he uttered the last words of the track, “I bet i’ll have you naked, by the end of this song,” as he then accidentally ripped Jackson’s costume which briefly exposd her breast.

Both Timberlake and Jackson stated that it was an accident, and were embarrassed by what had happened, which was seen by 150 million live watching on television, with thousands complaining after the incident to CBS.

Jackson admitted that she was humilated by the incident and the backlash she received from it, saying: “It’s truly embarrassing for me to know that 150 million people saw my breast, and then to see it blown up on the Internet the size of a computer screen. But there are much worse things in the world, and for this to be such a focus, I don’t understand.”

After all parties profusely apologised, sporting organisations around the world are now making sure nothing like this could ever happen again.

All Super Bowl broadcasters now use a five-second tape delay from the performances at half-time to avoid such disaster – with one NBC Sports spokesman calling this a “common procedure”. 

Other major sporting events have since adopted this policy, with the Champions League final also said to have a tape delay during pre-game performances.

Therefore, Rihanna’s half-time performance will not be shown live to all across the world, as the Barbadian makes her return to the stage for the first time in six years.

The 34-year-old is expected to perform at around 1am, with the set lasting anywhere between 12-15 minutes. It is not yet known if she will bring out any guests.

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