Ex-Raiders quarterback Derek Carr given chance to say goodbye to fans

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Derek Carr will not be at the Las Vegas Raiders next season, and has already posted an emotional message to the fans after he wasn’t given the chance to say goodbye. But in a strange turn of events he’s been called up to the Pro Bowl, which will take place in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Carr may get the send-off he was looking for after all, after being added to the Pro Bowl roster on Tuesday.

There has been a huge shake-up in the AFC roster as Josh Allen joined Patrick Mahomes, Tua Tagovailoa, Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert in declaring that they won’t feature in the event. Therefore, Tyler Huntley from the Baltimore Ravens and now Carr will join Justin Lawrence in Las Vegas.

Carr was denied a farewell as back-up quarterback Jarrett Stidham saw out the end of the season for the Raiders, and it was announced shortly after that he would be leaving the franchise. However, Sunday may be the perfect opportunity for Carr to say goodbye to the Vegas locals, before joining a new team.

Following the announcement that Carr would be added to the roster, he took to Twitter to joke about his lack of involvement over the past few seasons. “Well… maybe this invitation got lost in the mail from past seasons but I’m going back to pro bowl #4. See you soon Vegas,” he tweeted.

Carr’s future is unknown, but it’s likely that he will be picked up in the near future, with lots of quarterbacks expected to be on the move this off-season. Carr was sad to depart Vegas, and posted an emotional goodbye at the end of the season.

“Raider Nation it breaks my heart I didn’t get an opportunity to say goodbye in person,” Carr wrote earlier this month. “We certainly have been on a roller coaster in our nine years together. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful and appreciative of the years of support you gave to my family and me.

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“We had our share of both heart-breaking moments and thrilling game winning drives, and it always felt like you were there next to me. It’s especially hard to say goodbye because I can honestly say that I gave you everything I had, every single day, in season, and in the offseason.

“It certainly wasn’t perfect, but I hope that I was able to leave you with more than a few great memories as Raider fans. Thank you to the city of Oakland for taking us in. Thank you to the city of Las Vegas for allowing us to proudly call you home. Thank you to the organisation, my teammates, all my coaches, staff, and everyone that helped me these last nine years in those two buildings.

“Thanks to all of Raider Nation that supported, encouraged, pushed, and uplifted me at different times along this journey. Raider Nation truly is special. I once said that if I’m not a Raider I would rather be at home and I meant that, but I never envisioned it ending this way.

“That fire burning inside of me to win a championship still rages. A fire no man can extinguish; only God. So I look forward to a new city and a new team who, no matter the circumstance, will get everything I have. Winning a championship is what I’ve always wanted and what I will continue to work towards.

“God bless you all and with love, DC4.”

Carr will now be granted an unlikely goodbye after all, with lots of Raiders fans expected to attend. It may not have been the most successful of partnerships, but his efforts and commitment have been appreciated by the Raiders Nation.

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