Angel Hernandez’s missed calls bite Giants and Dodgers in NLDS Game 2

It’s never a good sign when umpire names are well known. They’re supposed to be the impartial moderators in running MLB games.

But MLB fans know the name Angel Hernandez. And it’s not for his accurate calls behind the plate. 

Hernandez was again frustrating fans, players and managers during Game 2 of the NLDS between the Giants and Dodgers on Saturday. He started early by calling a pitch outside the zone a strike on a 2-2 count to Giants left fielder Darin Ruf that set him down.

The following inning, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts got fired up at Hernandez after a pitch that looked as if it clipped the bottom of the zone was called Ball 4 to Giants first baseman Wilmer Flores.

Hernandez is often brought up in the same conversation as Joe West, another prominent umpire known for controversial calls. But according to Codify Baseball, West did a much better job calling balls and strikes in the National League wild-card game between the Dodgers and Cardinals on Wednesday.

But Hernandez wasn’t done. He had another questionable call in the sixth inning that allowed Dodgers center fielder Chris Taylor to reach on a walk that loaded the bases. The Dodgers took advantage; Cody Bellinger scored two with a double before A.J. Pollock drove in Taylor and Bellinger to make it a 6-1 game.

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