Warren warns 53-year-old Tyson would be 'embarrassed' in ring return

‘He has no chance against any heavyweight’: Frank Warren warns 53-year-old Mike Tyson would be ’embarrassed’ in return to the ring… while old foe Evander Holyfield announces he will fight for charity

  • Frank Warren believes Mike Tyson should cancel any plans to return to boxing
  • Warren insists Iron Mike would have ‘no chance’ against any active heavyweight 
  • Tyson displayed stunning speed while hitting the pads in a video that went viral
  • Meanwhile, rival Evander Holyfield has announced he will fight for charity

Mike Tyson’s potential return to the boxing ring will end in ’embarrassment’, promoter Frank Warren has warned.

Tyson is among the most popular world champions in heavyweight history and has been keeping fit by training during lockdown.

A video of the 53-year-old hitting the pads with trademark tenacity went viral last week and he has since revealed he would like to take part in four-round exhibition match. 

53-year-old former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson poses with his trainer during lockdown

Old rival Evander Holyfield has revealed plans to fight to raise money for charity.  

Holyfield defeated Tyson twice in the mid-1990s, with Tyson biting his opponent’s ear in their 1997 rematch, and leading many fans have been speculating that the pair could make a trilogy fight.

However, Warren has expressed concerns that a comeback would tarnish Iron Mike’s boxing legacy.

Writing in the Metro, the Queensberry Promotions chief said: ‘I don’t care if Mike Tyson is in the gym for the next ten years, he has no chance against any heavyweight.

Evander Holyfield announced he is making boxing comeback in exhibition matches for charity

‘I have no idea who would licence him at the age of 53 if it wasn’t an exhibition match. I can’t see any governing body doing that. 

‘I know the lockdown is driving us all a bit mad and there’s lots of talk about fantasy fights, but all the fighters who come back all wind up one way – going straight back out again.

‘If they make it into the ring, they all get beat bad and embarrassed.

Promoter Frank Warren has warned Tyson’s return to the ring would end in ’embarrassment’

‘If he comes back, who is he going to fight? His trainer said he could fight any heavyweight in six months, he probably could.

‘I could fight any heavyweight in six months, at least I could get in there and try. There’s only one outcome and it would be the same for Mike.’ 

Warren represents current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and the Gypsy King has been weighing up his future fight options during lockdown. 

Deontay Wilder has the opportunity to make a trilogy fight with Fury, but the lineal champion could alternatively take a unification match with fellow Briton Anthony Joshua. 

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