UFC star slaps fan after ‘disrespectful’ sign in Conor McGregor sign

UFC superstar Dustin Poirier slapped a man in the street after he held a sign that many would brandish as disrespectful towards his wife. The sign stems from an infamous Conor McGregor quote from when the Irishman was defeated by Poirier in their third fight.

McGregor was furious with the defeat, and with there being no love lost between the two, the Irishman shouted ‘Your wife is in my DM’s’ while slumped on the ground with a broken leg as Poirier left the ring after his victory.

While driving around in his truck this week, Poirier spotted a fan holding the sign and had his driver slow down.

Initially, he looked as if he was going to jokingly shake the man’s hand, before slapping him in the face.

The heckler looked surprised to be confronted by Poirier as he immediately backed off with the UFC star looking noticeably mad.

Poirier continued to shout and make gestures at the fan with a few people standing in between the fighter as the truck slowly drove off.

People in attendance seemed as in surprise as those who watched the clip on social media – but the majority did not blame the fighter for his actions.

One tweetd: “What an absolute melon, Dustin should’ve slapped him harder.”

Another angle showed that the man, after backing off, made a hand gesture towards Poirier after the slap before the truck drove off.

Poirier does not have a fight booked as of yet, but could be in line to face current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev after he defeated Alexander Volkanovski.

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