Tyson Fury's phone call to his dad moments after beating Wilder

‘Did it look good on the telly?’: Tyson Fury’s heart-warming phone call to his dad moments after his stunning win over Deontay Wilder revealed in new documentary as John Fury brands his son ‘the best in the f****** world’

  • John Fury watched his son Tyson fight against Deontay Wilder back in London 
  • The two shared an emotional phone call shortly after Fury’s superb victory
  • Tyson said that he was ‘too strong’ for Wilder during their Las Vegas bout 

Tyson Fury’s emotional conversation with his father John in the aftermath of his sensational victory over Deontay Wilder was caught on camera in remarkable behind-the-scenes footage.

In a documentary for ITV called Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King, Fury is filmed being handed a phone to talk to his dad in the moments that followed his seventh-round victory over Wilder in Las Vegas.

John Fury was unable to fly to America to sit ringside for his son’s fight because he served a prison sentence in 2011 for gouging a man’s eye out. He was also denied a visa for their first fight last December in Los Angeles.

Tyson Fury’s phone call with his father after beating Deontay Wilder was caught on camera

John Fury, watching back in England, was left beaming after his son’s incredible victory

Fury was then able to see his son live on the television speaking to him on the phone 

He was beaming after his son’s victory, telling him: ‘You’re the best fighting man I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.’

‘I was too strong for him Dad. 40 pounds heavier than him,’ Tyson said, just as live footage of him on the phone in his dressing room came up on the television John was watching.

‘Everyone was thinking what is he doing at this high weight? 272 pound – I was 19st 4 today, solid,’ Tyson continued. ‘Did it look good on the telly?’

‘It was the best I’ve ever ever seen in my life,’ John said. ‘You couldn’t write it. 

‘You’ve done it, you’ve equalled Muhammad Ali’s achievements. But let me tell you son it was some performance, I am still shaking. Take the best care, love you son.’

Fury emphatically defeated Wilder with a seventh-round KO of the American heavy-hitter

Fury was jubilant as Wilder’s corner threw in the towel during the seventh round of the fight 

‘Now believe in John Fury’ he roared down the camera after his son’s impressive victory 

Fury Sr was filmed for the entirety of his son’s victory over Wilder. 

When Fury knocked Wilder down in the third round, his father had a very fired up reaction.

‘That’s what a 19 stone man can do,’ Fury Sr roared. ‘When you’ve got heart, when you’re bred to fight when you’re king… that’s what come out of these balls.’

Fury Sr knew his son was moments away from a famous triumph at the end of the sixth round as he watched a weary Wilder return to his corner.

‘Wilder’s f****d,’ he told the cameras, moments before his corner threw in the towel. 

And as victory was confirmed, Fury shouted: ‘Heavyweight champion of the world! I said it! Now believe in John Fury. The Gypsy King has done it!’

Tyson’s relationship with his father is a recurring theme of the final episode in the ITV series.

‘I am the proudest person on the planet of Tyson,’ Fury said in a calmer moment of reflection. ‘How many people can sit and say they’ve done what he’s done? I’m privileged to have had a son like that.’

John Fury was, however, a little bit bemused by the manner of his son’s entrance for the fight

Fury said of his son’s achievements that he feels privileged’ to see Tyson be so successful 

That’s not to say Fury was completely swept up with everything his son did on the night in Las Vegas.

In a more light-hearted moment, as Fury was carried on a throne to the ring wearing a crown, his dad looked rather bemused.

‘I’ve never seen ‘owt like it,’ he said. 

The final episode of Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King is on Thursday at 9pm on ITV 

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