Tyson Fury starts training brother Tommy for his fight with Jake Paul

Tyson Fury starts training younger brother Tommy for his grudge match with Jake Paul as the pair smash out sprints along Morecambe beach… before the ex-Love Island star makes a knockout prediction for next month’s bout

  • Tyson Fury is training younger brother Tommy Fury for his fight with Jake Paul
  • The Gypsy King was filmed putting his sibling through his paces on Monday 
  • Fury, 22, and Paul, 24, will go face each other on December 18 in Tampa, Florida 
  • Tommy also made a KO prediction, saying he was going to win inside two rounds

Tommy Fury has started training with his world heavyweight champion brother Tyson as he prepares for his grudge match with Jake Paul next month.

Fury and Paul will finally meet will meet in an eight-round bout on December 18 in Tampa, Florida after months of calling each other out over social media.

And now Tommy has called upon the expertise of his older brother, with the Gypsy King putting the former Love Island star through his paces along the beach.

Tyson Fury (right) is training younger brother Tommy Fury (centre) for his fight next month

The Gypsy King has been training Tommy for his grudge match with Paul next month

Tyson said: ‘Just finished my first morning session as a trainer, really happy with myself the way things went. 

‘All the boys trained hard,’ Fury added, before asking Tommy, ‘how was it?’

Tommy replied: ‘The run this morning was good, good leg work – I’m feeling good, feeling fit. Trainer T is doing the best job!’

The Gypsy King then asked his younger brother what he’s going to do to Paul when they meet in the ring next month, with Tommy predicting he’ll only need two rounds to knock the American out.

Tommy will face Paul in an eight-round bout in Tampa, Florida on December 18

‘He’s getting knocked spark out, two rounds,’ Tommy said. 

Tyson added: ‘Jake Paul, we’re coming for you!’

Tommy was absent for the first press conference for his fight with Paul at the weekend due to a family emergency, but is now expected to fly out to Las Vegas with Tyson in the coming days to continue their training, where they will be joined by trainer SugarHill, who will be in Tommy’s corner for the fight.

Tommy Fury has won all seven of his fights so far; four by knockout and three by decision and promised to teach ‘the Problem Child’ a lesson after their fight was confirmed in October.

‘Jake Paul is about to learn a serious life lesson,’ he said. ‘This is my world and he doesn’t belong here. I’m not one of these MMA men or basketball players.

Tommy Fury believes he will knock Paul ‘spark out’ inside two rounds when they meet in Florida

‘I have been boxing my whole life. I will show the world the difference between a YouTuber and a real fighting man.’

Paul meanwhile is confident that he will have his arm raised at the end of the fight and has upped the ante, according to Tommy’s father, John Fury. 

‘The contract has been bizarre. If I was going to go through what they’ve put in the contract, we’d be here all day,’ he told BT Sport.

‘I’ve said yes to everything; yes, yes, yes, yes, do what you’ve got to do because I know Jake Paul can’t beat Tommy no matter what he does.’

Fury wasn’t present for his first press conference with Paul due to a family emergency

Paul has revealed that one such ‘bizarre’ demand relates to a post-fight obligation for both fighters in the event that they lost on December 18.

If Fury defeats Paul, the brash American must forfeit $500,000 to the Briton. However, if the 22-year-old loses to the YouTuber, he must change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’.

‘Since Tyson Fury says if Tommy loses to me he will make him change his last name.. So then @tommytntfury if you beat me I will pay you an extra $500k,’ Paul tweeted. 

‘However, if I beat you then you have to change your name to Tommy Fumbles for 1 year.’

Fury is contractually obligated to change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’ if he loses to Paul 

Paul tweeted the bet before Fury agreed to the condition ahead of the fight announcement

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