Tommy Fury’s net worth is massive

It may not have been billed as one of boxing's biggest fights, but Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury was an eagerly anticipated bout.

Boxing fans turned on the "embarrassing" Tommy after it was reported that he withdrew from his fight with Jake due to a reported illness.

Since this, the Love Island man Tommy revealed the serious injury and subsequent illness that forced him to withdraw.

Not missing the opportunity to call out his opponent, YouTube sensation Jake quickly took to social media to mock Tommy and his half-brother, boxing champion Tyson Fury.

He said: "I question everything about that family. He has never accomplished anything himself. The only reason he is anything is because of his brother.

"He's had a silver spoon in his mouth for his entire life. He has got fame from his brother. He has never had a real opponent. His opponents were all meant to lose."

The void in the fight will be filled by Jake's last opponent, Tyron Woodley.

What is Tommy Fury's net worth 2021?

A combination of professional boxing fights and becoming a social media and television personality means Tommy Fury's net worth is already as big as his right hook. Born in May 1999, Media Referee estimates his net worth to be around £750,000.

He has won all five of his professional fights and has 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

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The fight with Jake Paul would have been good for Tommy's already lucrative earnings.

As the Manchester Evening News reported, Tommy's girlfriend Molly-Mae signed with fashion outlet PrettyLittleThing after being in Love Island, with Tommy involved in the promotions.

Tommy's earnings took a hit in October earlier this year, when a reported £800,000 in belongings was taken in a burglary at the couple's flat.

How much would Tommy Fury have been paid for the Jake Paul fight, and why did he pull out of it?

Tommy Fury was set to earn a big chunk of cash from the fight with Jake Paul.

It is not known if there were any bonuses included in the contract from pay-per-view earnings, but Tommy would have earned around £750,000 from the fight.

A further £375,000 would have been due if Tommy signed a name change agreement, where he would become 'Tommy Fumbles' if he lost to Jake.

A win over the YouTube sensation would have netted the Love Islander from Manchester another £375,000, the equivalent of half a million US dollars.

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Tommy showed an image of an x-ray of his broken rib on social media.

That, combined with a severe infection, meant he was force to pull out of the fight.

He said: "My sparring sessions, pad work sessions, whatever it may be I wasn't able to breathe and I was coughing up huge amounts of phlegm all the time.

"Four weeks past and we decided to have a sparring session and I took a little clip to the body and because my body was so weak due to the virus. I was throwing up from the pain, I was doubled over. 4I literally got my bag and went straight to the hospital for an MRI scan and got the results back the same day.

"The results showed I had a clean break and I had multiple fractures. For the following week I still thought I could fight but then it took the doctor and my whole team to say you can’t fight.

When is Tommy Fury's next fight?

The "heartbroken" Tommy Fury is keen to continue after withdrawing from the scheduled fight, his place now taken by former MMA fighter Tyron Woodley on December 18.

Tommy said: "Even now it hasn't sunk in that I'm not fighting. My only focus is getting a new fight date set and recovering."

Jake Paul has not given any indication that the fight will now happen, however, choosing instead to rub Tommy's nose in it.

In his condemning of Tommy, he said "I don't see any reason to come back next year and give him a payday.

"It would be more fun to leave him in the dust."

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