Tommy Fury predicts Jake Paul will "beg" to be pulled out of grudge fight

Tommy Fury expects Jake Paul to beg to be retired on his stool during their December grudge match.

The young Briton will face the biggest challenge of his professional career when he takes on YouTube sensation Paul in Florida on December 18.

The meeting is hotly anticipated with the pair's feud dating back to their duel appearance on a card headlined by Paul's victory over Tyron Woodley in August.

But Fury is confident that Paul will "beg" to quit their fight later this year and has vowed to fight "like a man".

“When you’re getting hit all over the face and your nose and ears are busted, you’re going to look at BJ Flores and think, ‘What have I done here? I shouldn’t have called him out. Pull me out!'," mocked Fury.

"'I’m begging you, please don’t retire on the stool. Come out and fight like a man. I wish the fight was tomorrow. I took this away from his fight with Tyron Woodley. The man got a split-decision win. That means you only just won against a 40-year-old retired UFC fighter.

"My god, well done. Good job, mate. You just about beat a 40-year-old man. When you get in there with a fresh 22-year-old whose been doing this all his life, you’re going to wish you stuck to paying UFC fighters off and basketball players.

"You should have gone and fought Tiger Woods, not somebody who has done it his whole life because you’re in for a big shock. You’re the one who is going to crumble."

Fury himself will face his most notable challenge having fought limited opposition during his seven-fight undefeated career.

But the meeting is set to generate huge interest with the pair having a combined social media following of over 30 million.

The fight negotiations rumbled on after Paul added Fury to the undercard of his clash with Woodley with the Briton scoring a decision victory over Anthony Taylor.

And the Cleveland fight card generated in excess of 500,000 pay-per-view buys while Paul also insisted on topping up Fury's purse in a bid to secure the showdown with Fury later this year.

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His generous gesture helped trigger negotiations after the pair's victories in August which will now take place over eight rounds at a catchweight of 192lbs.

Fury has faced pressure from his family in the build-up to the fight with his brother Tyson and father John threatening to disown him if he is defeated by Paul.

But the 22-year-old is unfazed by the pressure and is confident of completing his "demolition" job in his second venture across the pond.

“Everybody keeps talking about the pressure. All the people in the arena. I don’t care about that," Fury continued. "There’s only one man I care about that night.

"I’m not taking in the crowd or any of that. I’m coming over to Tampa Bay to do a demolition job and please the whole wide world. It doesn’t matter how much pressure is on me.

"There’s been pressure on me from the start and just because there are a few more people there and a few more lights, I won’t crack. Believe you me.

"It’s in my blood and I’m going to go out there and shut this guy up for everybody in the world that’s asking for it. This was a step too far and I’m going to prove that on December 18.”

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