Muay Thai fighter named "King Cobra" copies Mike Tyson with mid-fight bite

A Muay Thai fighter called “King Cobra” has copied Mike Tyson in his latest fight – by biting an opponent mid-match.

Mouhman Amine Alharar was fighting United Arab Emirates national star Mohammed Mardi at the UAM May Thai Night 6 on Friday, June 6.

“King Cobra”s opponent was getting the better of the fight after three rounds.

And footage emerged of Alharar taking inspiration from the youngest-ever heavyweight boxing champion for all the wrong reasons.

After being pushed into the corner by Mardi, the Muay Thai fighter locks his opponent but does not complete it fully.

In order to distract his opponent, “King Cobra” literally lives up to his nickname by plunging his teeth into his opponent’s left shoulder.

Mardi immediately pulls away to call out the incident – which happened in front of the referee who immediately stops the fight.

After a short talk with the ring-side officials, he decides to disqualify Alharar for the bite.

It did not take fans long to make a reference to Tyson’s infamous bite on Evander Holyfield during their clash in 1997.

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The heavyweight fighters were meeting at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, seven months after Iron Mike had lost his WBA heavyweight title to his opponent.

Having struggled in the first three rounds, the 54-year-old intentionally spat out his mouthguard to bite his rival on both ears during the fight.

After the first bite, the match was temporarily stopped by the referee before deducting two points from Tyson.

When he did it again, though, the former heavyweight champion was immediately disqualified as he was fined and had his boxing license removed.

Tyson has spoken about the incident several times since his 2005 retirement, admitting that he was seeing red against Holyfield in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Fox News , he said: “I bit him because I wanted to kill him. I was really mad about my head being bumped and everything.

It was the first heavyweight title fight in over 50 years to end in a disqualification, and Tyson’s license was temporarily rescinded.

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