MMA fighter collapses after being choked backstage at chaotic press conference

A mixed martial artist in Russia collapsed at a press conference last week after being choked out backstage in chaotic scenes from the event.

The unsavory incident occurred during a media event for the Hardcore Fighting Championship, a Russian MMA promotion, as cameras caught a glimpse of the bizarre scenes backstage.

One fighter suffered more than others as he was seen twice being put in a chokehold before being hit flush on the chin by a right hook as tempers flared.

They were first seen being put in a chokehold by another fighter almost immediately after the press event ended.

The aggressor during the incident could be seen laughing and smiling as their colleague winced in pain before collapsing to the floor as others tried to separate the pair.

Despite collapsing, they were quickly back to their feet, with the fighter who choked them out even helping them get up. before another person present had their arms around their neck again.

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Onlookers immediately rushed to pull the two fighters apart as tempers began to escalate, with the fighter being choked throwing back several elbows into their tormentor's torso.

In response, the other fighter threw a vicious right hook after they were pulled apart, catching their rival on the chin but leaving them unaffected by the punch.

The backstage chaos continued even after the two fighters went their separate ways, with the fighter who had twice been put in a chokehold remaining visibly angry at their treatment.

Their emotions spilled over as they made their way out of the room that had hosted the press conference, with footage showing them confronting a camera operator before connecting a kick with the camera, causing them to be restrained.

Similar chaotic scenes have become a regular sight at press conference for some of Europe's more obscure MMA promotions, with one recent event seeing a fighter present their opponent with flowers before kicking them in the face.

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