Mike Tyson wishes hed smoked cannabis during legendary heavyweight career

Mike Tyson has controversially admitted he wishes he had smoked cannabis during his illustrious heavyweight career.

The American won 50 fights during his time at the pinnacle of the blue-ribbon division defeating the likes of Frank Bruno, Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes.

He has been seen smoking cannabis more regularly in recent years particularly on his recently launched podcast HotBoxin'.

And the 55-year-old has now astonishingly admitted he was able to smoke during his time as a world-champion fighter.

"I stopped smoking cannabis at 18-years-old", Tyson told a Yahoo Finance broadcast. "But I kept drinking and my life went out of control I was fighting with everybody.

"If someone came to ask for an autograph I just punched them in my face I was just a mess. But then I started smoking and what a mistake that was.

"I should have smoked throughout my whole career when I was fighting, it puts me in a better state of mind and makes me more relaxed. And the more relaxed you are the better fighter you are especially in my case.

"And so I started using marijuana and cannabis now and my family will tell you I am a much better person for it now.

Tyson had an astonishing career where he embarked on some incredible rivalries during his career including with Evander Holyfield who's ear he famously bit off during their 1997 rematch.

And he has had a growing relationship with cannabis and smoking culture having created a business that takes projected earnings of $500,000 a month.

His venture hasn't stopped either launching his new company Tyson 2.0, as his growing cannabis empire continues to provide wealth after his retirement.

Tyson also recalled the time he smoked cannabis in the build-up to his fight with Andrew Golota, where he inflicted a broken cheekbone and jaw injury on his opponent before later being disqualified and fined.

Will Mike Tyson face Logan Paul next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

He has recently been linked with an exhibition clash with YouTube star Logan Paul after making his ring-return last year against Roy Jones Jr.

And former UFC champion Michael Bisping has backed Tyson to "flatline" the YouTuber who has recently gone the distance with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition back in June.

"Logan, you know, he's tall, he's long," Bisping said. "He's kind of a big guy, he's athletic. He's got a great physique. Jake Paul is by far the better boxer I would say. If I had to pick who was better then I'd say Jake Paul's way better.

"But Logan, you know, he has some skills. He can certainly punch and as I say, he's big and he's athletic and he'll learn from the fight against Floyd.

"Maybe he'll learn to manage his gas tank a little better. But there's just no way I don't see Mike Tyson going out there and absolutely flatlining him.

Tyson has heaped praise on the Paul brothers for their YouTube boxing careers in recent months having positive friendships with the pair.

And he has also revealed astonishing plans to form a YouTube fighting tournament in the future as he looks to expand the platform for new-age fighters.

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