Mike Tyson ‘knocked out bin man’ for throwing away his favourite pigeon

Mike Tyson knocked out a bin man when he threw away the boxing legend’s pigeon, he has claimed.

The 53-year-old became the youngest ever heavyweight champion at 20 years old in 1986.

He was famous for being one of the fastest and most powerful punchers in history.

But Iron Mike had a passion for pigeons outside the ring.

And the American revealed how one bin man got punished for getting on the wrong side of his hobby.

Tyson told World Boxing Council : “One morning I woke up and found my favourite pigeon, Julius, had died.

“I was devastated and was gonna use his crate as my stickball bat to honour him.

“I left the crate on my stoop and went in to get something and I returned to see the sanitation man put the crate into the crusher.

“I rushed him and caught him flush on the temple with a titanic right hand he was out cold.”

Iron Mike enjoyed the company of pigeons from a young age after suffering bullying.

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Speaking on Taking on Tyson in 2011, he recalled the horror of witnessing one of his beloved pets being killed in cold blood.

He said: “The guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon.

“I don't know why, I feel ridiculous just trying to explain it. [Pigeons] are just so much like people.”

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And this is rumoured to have led to Tyson’s first punch as revenge for his feathered friend.

The American has a coop which houses over 70 pigeons, which he attends to every day.

It comes as the heavyweight legend “knocked out” Eminem in the rapper’s new music video.

While Iron Mike revealed how he taught a childhood bully a brutal lesson years being bullied as a young child.

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