McGregor shares new footage of moment he broke his leg in Dustin Poirier loss

Conor McGregor has released new footage of the moment he broke his leg during his fight with Dustin Poirier.

The Irishman suffered the injury during his defeat by the American over the summer, and now he has provided fans with a closer look at how the injury occurred.

The clip showed the 33-year-old on the ground trying to find his feet while Poirier continued his assault.

After he managed to gain separation from his opponent, he fired a kick at Poirier, before Poirier responded with a right hand to McGregor’s face.

While the former champion tumbled to the ground, the footage shows his broken left leg giving way underneath him.

Sharing his own insight, the father-of-three wrote: “Good angle. Can see the leg was broke before I even stood up.

“It was broke before the guillotine even. It’s why I went for it. 4 shots to zero here in this clip to close the fight before the injury.

“This fight was going my way 100%. But big congrats lads hahaha ye right. Rats.”

He added: “Can see the weight in those upkicks he was eating here as well.

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“Which weren’t even the two heaviest upkicks I landed. Where was he going from open guard top here?

“He not like upkicks thru the face? Elbows down thru the crown? No like? Tough shit, see ya soon.”

McGregor, who is now back in training following the injury, hinted at a return to the octagon in 2022.

“I feel like I could kick right now," he told Adam Glyn back in September. “I honestly feel like I could kick right now.

“But I've just got to listen to the doctors and listen to the people that guided me, that's what I've done so far.

“I've committed myself to the work. I'm back on the feet. It feels so good to be back on the feet.”

Since returning to training, McGregor has promised to have the “greatest comeback in history.”

Sharing an update with his 42.8million Instagram followers last week, he said: "First time back on the pads! What a buzz! Let’s go team. Like my good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger says, 'I’ll be back, b******!' – back with a vengeance.

"Thank you to all my doctors and my team for getting me this far so soon after surgery! There is work to be done but doing work is what I’m known for. Strap yourselves in for the greatest comeback in sports history!"

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