Marcos Maidana uses Floyd Mayweather’s tooth as keepsake after iconic incident

Marcos Maidana claims he still owns Floyd Mayweather's tooth and uses it as a keepsake after apparently knocking it out of the boxing legend's mouth.

Former two-weight world champion Maidana claimed he knocked Mayweather's tooth out during their rematch in 2014.

The Argentine was fired up after losing their first bout on points, and landed a right hook flush in Mayweather's jaw in the third round.

TV cameras appeared to capture the moment a gnasher flew out of Money's mouth – although afterwards the pound-for-pound king denied he had lost a tooth.

Mayweather said the punch simply "got my attention" went to win the fight to take his record to 47-0, before retiring on 50-0.

But it didn't stop Maidana from wanting a souvenir from his fight, and the 36-year-old has posted a picture on Instagram of what he claims is Mayweather's tooth.

Mayweather said after the fight: "In the third round, when he hit me with that shot after the bell, it was a real good shot. It got my attention.

"It was nothing I never felt before, but it was a really good shot which got my attention."

Asked whether the tooth had been knocked out, Mayweather said: "No, he didn't knock my teeth out. Not at all!

"He's a strong guy, he's a good puncher, but no, as far as my teeth missing, absolutely not."

Mayweather, 43, is set to return to the ring in digital form in a series of 'virtual' fights against other boxing greats using sophisticated computer modelling.

But Maidana's promotion team have claimed he and Mayweather are discussing a sensational trilogy fight early next year.

Jorge Cali, who was due to fight retired Maidana in an exhibition before it was cancelled to the coronavirus pandemic, predicts he would beat Mayweather this time around.

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