Logan Paul called a "useless waste of existence" after hungover podcast showing

Logan Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak said the YouTuber was a “useless waste of existence” after the American blathered his way through a podcast while nursing a huge hangover.

Majlak co-hosts the infamous ‘Impaulsive’ podcast which has garnered over 3.84million subscribers on Youtube. While Paul has previously fought boxing great Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, he struggled to overcome a huge hangover he had acquired from a heavy night’s drinking.

Despite being the face and the main draw of the podcast, Paul was strangely quiet, opting to take a back seat while co-hosts Majlak and George Janko took centre stage. And Majlak scolded a giggling Paul for his lack of input during the whole podcast in what was a truly hilarious outburst.

“Honestly, the only thing you bring to the table nowadays is that you’re Logan Paul,” Majlak fumed on the Impaulsive podcast, while Paul laughed until the point he looked like he was going to turn himself inside out. “Like you are a useless waste of existence.

“If this wasn’t called ‘Impaulsive I would roll you off the roof right now to a final f****** ending. You are f****** useless and you have nothing and nobody to blame.

“I am in the same rooms as you as late as you are every night and you are like a lump of clay.” Considering the fact Paul has previously eaten beef testicles and regaled his viewers about the time he threw up on a model at Coachella, his more reserved appearance on the podcast can be filed as one of the less memorable episodes.

Is Logan Paul a "useless waste of existence" or was Mike Majlak being too harsh on him? Let us know in the comments

Slumped in his chair while potentially wearing the same clothes from the night before, Paul did look like he was truly suffering. And the YouTuber even admitted himself that he was far from 100 per cent condition for the recent episode.

“I don’t know what it is, this age thing dude,” a suffering Paul replied. “I just don’t handle the hangovers dude.”

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