Korean Zombie left inconsolable after brutal UFC defeat to Alexander Volkanovski

Korean Zombie, Jung Chan-sung, was left inconsolable and considering his fighting future after his loss to Alexander Volkanovski.

The pair stepped into the octagon on Saturday evening at UFC 273 for their highly-anticipated clash at the Jacksonville Arena, Florida. Volkanovski finished off Jung early in the fourth when he caught him with a wicked right hand – leaving Jung out on his feet.

The official was quick to step in, ruling Volkanovski as the winner via knockout. And the Korean Zombie was left on the mat in the tears having failed at his shot at the UFC featherweight title.

“I was most confident out of my entire career,” Jung said after the bout.

“I felt like I hit a wall that I could not go over. I’ll need more time to think on it to see if I will continue fighting or if I will leave the octagon. I will have to think on that.”

At 35, Jung has now failed at his second attempt for the featherweight gold – his first in 2013 with a TKO loss to Jose Aldo.

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“I told you before this fight all week, I’m on another level right now,” Volkanovski said.

“I can’t be stopped. He actually took a lot more than I wanted him to. I thought they could have stopped it a bit earlier. I started feeling bad in there but that’s the sport we’re in.”

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