Jake Paul insists he'll be 'too sharp, fast and powerful' for Woodley

Jake Paul insists he will be ‘too sharp, too fast and too powerful’ for ‘wounded soldier’ Tyron Woodley and will force the former UFC champion to QUIT when they meet in the ring in August

  • YouTuber Jake Paul is set to fight ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley in August
  • There are accusations that Woodley will throw the fight to trigger a rematch 
  • Paul believes he’ll dominate the American fighter, insisting he’ll be ‘too powerful’

Jake Paul has claimed he’ll be ‘too powerful’ for former UFC champions Tyron Woodley when they face-off, pointing to the 39-year-old losing streak as proof. 

The YouTuber and the fighter will face-off in August for Paul’s fourth fight, having humiliated Woodley’s pal Ben Askren with a first-round knockout last time out. 

Woodley ended his UFC career with four losses in a row, having conceded his belt to Kamaru Usman back in 2019. Paul insists that he’s mentally shot, and will fold under the 3-0 rookie’s pressure. 

Jake Paul is confident he’ll overwhelm Tyron Woodley in the American pair’s upcoming fight 

Woodley, at 39-years-old, is on a four-fight loss streak which ended his career in the UFC

‘I think as soon as I touch him, his body is going to go back to that losing mentality, the fight or flight and he’s not gonna wanna sit there and fight, Paul told Brendan Schaub.

‘I don’t know, I just see that that’s why I’ve been saying two rounds. 

‘I’m too sharp, I’m too fast, I’m too powerful and he has 85 days to do this, learn how to box, and unlearn all those bad habits. I’m going to eat up his body, I’m going to eat up his head. 

‘He’s not going to know where I’m coming from. Kamaru Usman put some damage on him, all these guys put some damage on him, Gilbert Burns put the damage on him. He’s coming in a wounded soldier.’ 

Paul has repeatedly jabbed at Woodley’s miserable end to his UFC days in the fight build-up 

Paul defeated Woodley’s fellow former UFC fighter Ben Askren in his last fight by knockout 

Paul is also revelling in his status as the favourite for the fight, despite his opponent’s pedigree.  

‘I’m not surprised, it’s just funny. I’ve just made a lot of people a lot of money in the past three fights from people betting on me,’ the 24-year-old added. 

‘They are stacking the odds, I’ve had people come up to me saying they made $10 million, $5 million off of betting on me. 

‘It’s funny, like why is me, the YouTube kid the favourite against the five-time UFC champion?’ 

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