‘I’m supposed to be impartial as ring girl – but Anthony Joshua is a beast’

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    A ring girl for Anthony Joshua's fight this weekend reckons the Brit is a beast in the ring – although she's meant to stay impartial.

    Blonde stunner Chloe Ellman-Baker, representing Matchroom, will strut her stuff at an AJ fight for the first time on Saturday at O2 Arena when he takes on Jermaine Franklin. And she's confident that the former British heavyweight champion will emerge victorious against his American opponent – because he's a beast in the ring.

    When asked what she will bring to the spectacle, speaking on behalf of SBJ MODEL MANAGEMENT she exclusively told Daily Star Sport: "As a Matchroom ring girl, I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of such a prestigious event, especially with Anthony Joshua headlining the night.

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    "I can't wait to feel the energy and buzz of the crowd as we all come together to witness a historic night of boxing. As a beauty queen and fashion model, I relish the opportunity to showcase my confidence and presence in the ring.

    "I'm ready to bring my A-game and show the world what a driven and intelligent woman can bring to the sport of boxing."

    Professional ring girls are meant to reverse opinions on fights but Chloe admitted that she reckons AJ will get the better of Franklin and revealed that she can't wait to see the "gentleman" in action. She added when asked if AJ's her favourite fighter: "Oh, you want me to pick a favorite fighter? As a professional ring girl, I'm supposed to stay impartial…but let's be honest, who doesn't love Anthony Joshua?

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    "He's an absolute beast in the ring and a true gentleman outside of it. He's going to smash it on fight night and I can't wait to see him in action."

    Chloe's feeling a mix of excitement and nerves going into the fight, but she won't let that stop her from delivering a top-notch performance, especially with her mum watching from home. She continued: "I won't lie, I'm feeling a mix of nerves and excitement for this fight. It's a huge event and the crowd is going to be wild! Plus, the fact that millions of people will be tuning in on TV definitely adds to the pressure.

    "But you know what they say, pressure makes diamonds – or in my case, a top-notch ring girl. And hey, I even made sure to set up my mom with DAZN so she can watch me from home! So let's do this, nerves and all. I'm ready to show everyone what I'm made of."

    Chloe's best experience in the ring to date was during one of ex-IBF super-featherweight champion Joe Cordina's fights held in Wales, when she was with SBJ management. And although it was an amazing experience, nothing can compare to the ensuing AJ fight she's about to be a part of.

    Whilst reliving the Cordina fight, Chloe recalled as she was asked what her best experience in the ring has been and how it will compare to the ensuing AJ bout. She said: "My biggest and best fight as a ring girl was actually my first one in Wales. I'll never forget the excitement I felt when SBJ management contacted me about it.

    "I called my mom right away to tell her the news, and she was thrilled that I was following in her footsteps as a Matchroom ring girl. The fight itself was amazing – Joe Cordina was headlining, and the knockout was one for the books! That experience opened up a whole new world for me and made me realise just how many connections and opportunities this industry can offer. I'm forever grateful to SBJ for giving me the chance to be a part of it all.

    "It's impossible to compare the Anthony Joshua fight to any other fight I've been a part of. This is the main event, the pinnacle of the sport, and I know it's going to be a night that fans and fighters alike will remember for years to come. I'm thrilled to have this exciting opportunity and can't wait to see what the night has in store!"

    Chloe's time as a ring girl has intensified her love for the sport and helped her build connections with Ebanie Bridges and a few others. But she revealed what makes the role so special to her when asked what the best thing about being a ring girl is.

    She said: "As a ring girl, I've developed a newfound love for boxing and the incredible energy that surrounds it. But it's not just the fights themselves that make this job so special – it's the opportunity to travel and connect with people from all over the world who share that passion. Through this job, I've made some amazing connections, with fighters like Ebanie Bridges and the Johnny Fisher – The Romford Bull.

    "As much as I love working at Matchroom's UK events, I can't help but dream of the day when the core team of ring girls is invited to join the company on their global ventures. It would be an incredible opportunity to represent Matchroom and be a part of some of the biggest fights in the world, while continuing to make new connections and share my love for the sport."

    And she's adamant that ring girls still hold a place in the heart of boxing fans, adding: "Absolutely! I think ring girls have become an integral part of the boxing experience.

    "We help build excitement and anticipation for the fight, and we add to the overall spectacle of the event. And of course, we always try to look our best and represent our sponsors in the most professional way possible. I think fans appreciate that level of dedication and showmanship."


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