Hafthor Bjornsson is open to Eddie Hall rematch after beating "angry" rival

Hafthor Bjornsson has refused to shut the door on a potential boxing rematch with arch-rival Eddie Hall.

The two titans finally collided in Dubai on Saturday evening after two years of build for what was described as the 'heaviest boxing match of all time'. Bjornsson beat Hall via unanimous decision despite being dropped twice by his English rival twice over the six-round bout.

Hall didn't speak to the media after the defeat – and he appeared gutted to have been beaten by the Icelander. However, Bjornsson, who claimed their feud is over, didn't rule out the possibility of a rematch.

After the bout, Bjornsson said: "[It is] On my behalf. Understandably he seemed a bit angry still, he lost the fight so it's understandable.

"There's a lot of feelings now, I've been there. I'm happy, if he wants a rematch, I'll give him a rematch no problem. Would you guys like to see a rematch?"

Bjornsson also added that he was hoping to stay in boxing: "I am really enjoying this journey and if there are more opportunities, I would love to sit down with a coach and look at them. Who knows?"

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Fans have already started to try and guess the Icelander's next opponent inside of the squared circle.

Rematches with Eddie Hall have been suggested, while some fans are hoping to see bouts with the World's Scariest Man, Martyn Ford, or even The Rock.

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