Full transcript of Jake Paul’s heated face-off with rival Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley met in Miami for the first time since their boxing match was announced, and things got pretty intense.

Former UFC welterweight champion Woodley will make his boxing debut on August 28 against YouTuber Paul, who is 3-0 as a professional having recently beaten the MMA star's close friend Ben Askren in the first round.

The pair had a heated exchange at the Askren fight, where Woodley was a cornerman, and found himself in the Paul dressing room pre-fight to check his gloves.

While Woodley was in the Paul team's changing room, the YouTube star was joined by boxer J'Leon Love in taunting Woodley over his lack of experience in the sport.

And once Askren's fight was over, Woodley began to call out Paul and the fight was made by Showtime Boxing for later this summer.

They faced off with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy mediating, and here's what was said…

Jake Paul : You lost four, I won four

Tyron Woodley: I'm a world champ, bro. Five world titles.

JP : Not any more, you can't pay rent with those belts

TW : What have you done besides wear Gucci?

JP: What have I done? You're about to get beat up by a Disney kid, that'll be pretty embarrassing for you.

TW : You know what's going to be embarrassing? When you're laying on the ground and I'm standing over you chanting 'I beat yo' a**'.

JP : What have I done? I've given you the biggest payday of your life – you were broke.

JP : You lost four fights, you're 40 years old.

TW : You're getting knocked out… I'm serious – I'm in front of you and I smell b****.

JP : I smell bad breath! You don't know about them boxing gloves though.

TW : What do you know about them? You've been in four fights in your whole life, I've been fighting since I was this tall [knee height].

JP : Yeah, I was on Disney.

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TW: I was knocking people out on the street when you were on Disney, no I'm going to do it professionally and get paid for that – where's the speed bags in this gym because that's all this guy is.

JP : That's great, you can fight on the street all you want, I get paid to fight – you're b****-made. Remember when I knocked out your friend, what are you going to do differently?

TW : One round, you're down – I'm going to knock you're a** out that's what I'm going to do differently, don't b*** out.

JP : You were coaching your best friend and I knocked him out in one round!

TW : Everybody here, make sure Showtime add a 'no b**** out' clause for this dude, because once you see me training and grinding you're going to see him go b****.

TW : You're going to fake a hymen injury, but please don't. Where your trainers at? Don't hit him too hard

JP : We'll see, you lost four fights in a row, you're 39-years-old.

TW : Against the best fighters in the world after winning five world titles, three-year reign.

JP : I'm younger, better, faster stronger.

TW : You're weaker, slower, b****-made – you're binnamon; that's booty and cinnamon, hashtag binnamon.

JP: You're going down in one round just like your best friend.

TW : How you going to do that?

JP : How about this? If you win, I'll double your purse, but if you lose, you have to donate it to my charity. Deal or no deal?

TW : I'll beat yo' a**, I'll beat yo a**.

JP : Put your money where your mouth is.

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