Floyd Mayweather shares rare training clip as fans excited for Logan Paul ‘KO’

Floyd Mayweather has shared some rare training footage that left fans excited for his “KO” of Logan Paul.

The 50-fight unbeaten boxer will step back into the ring for an exhibition bout against the YouTuber on June 6.

With the 44-year-old’s last fight coming against Japanese MMA fighter Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018, the YouTuber has been showing off his intense training regime in an attempt to get the better of his experienced rival.

But Mayweather has shared some training footage on Instagram, something he does not do regularly, which shows the boxer has not lost a step.

The American is working on his close-range punching and defensive work with trainer Gerald Tucker.

He starts off by taking some upper cuts, defending them with his forearms before taking on some quick-fire hits which he manages to avoid.

When the trainer takes the pace, it does not faze Mayweather one bit as he continues to avoid every punch and land his own darting punches.

And the 42-year-old, whose last professional fight came in 2017 against UFC star Conor McGregor, goes on the offence for the last few seconds with some big right-handers.

He is able to keep up this pace for almost a minute consistently before Tucker calls time, with an onlooker saying: “Good work”.

Mayweather’s video picked up nearly two million views within three hours of publishing, where boxing fans were excited to see him put it in action against Paul.

“This a master of the craft at work,” one viewers said.

“People out here REALLY think that Logan Paul stands a chance again THIS man?”

Another commented: “Logan is getting KO’d – won’t stand a chance.”

While a third made a big prediction for the exhibition bout, with: “Floyd knocking out Logan in under two minutes.”

And a fourth simply added: “RIP Logan Paul.”

Mayweather has also given himself extra motivation by warning he will “embarrass his career” if he loses to the YouTuber in Miami.

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