Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson not heaviest fight ever despite 600lb joint weight

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall’s boxing showdown is set to break the scales with the strongmen weighing in at a whopping combined 600lbs on Saturday night.

The two former world’s strongest men will finally settle their rivalry with a grudge match in Dubai which has been dubbed the “heaviest boxing match in history”. That comes due to Bjornsson’s staggering weight of 335lb, while Hall comes in 22lbs lighter at 313lbs.

But while the bout is set to be a spectacular occasion, it is not necessarily deserving of its self-proclaimed title. In fact, several heavyweight fights over the years have dwarfed the duo’s combined weight.

Deontay Wilder had the honour of fighting ‘man mountain’ Dustin Nichols back in 2010 before his meteoric rise to the helm of heavyweight boxing. Nichols weighed an extraordinary 398lbs at the time of the clash while Wilder came in at 215lbs, taking their combined total to 613lbs.

Wilder came back from what appeared to be a knock down – which the referee ruled a slip – and knocked out Nichols in the very first round. Nichols had previously come in at an even more worrying 450lbs against Justin Jones in a fight where the two weighed 657lbs combined, before eventually retiring with nine fights and five defeats.

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Gabe Brown was another super heavyweight who took on Samuel Peters at a whopping 363lbs, taking the total fight weight to 603lbs. He then fought Dominick Guinn on the undercard of Joe Calazghe’s famous clash with Roy Jones Jr.

Brown dropped his weight significantly on that occasion to 301lbs, but later ballooned again by adding another 50lbs. He eventually retired in 2011 as one of the heaviest fighters in the sport’s history.

However, Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch undoubtedly goes down as the king of all heavyweights. Butterbean’s career heaviest was an astounding 426lbs, when he fought 250lbs Kirk Lawton in what was the final defeat of his career.

The American star even reportedly broke the scale during the weigh-in of their mega 676lbs clash, where he was forced to retire in the second round due to an alleged shoulder injury. His unique nickname stemmed from when he dieted on butter beans in an attempt to shed the pounds, having been bullied as a child for his weight.

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